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Claire Warden

One Man Two Guvnors

Berkeley Rep and South Coast Rep, CA



"Claire Warden as Dolly, a statuesque sex bomb in perfectly tailored horizontal stripes who’s anything but a pushover. Warden’s presence is magnetic…”


EDGE MEDIA - Review by Elaine Beale

"Dolly, Claire Warden, is utterly compelling, playing a savvy and sexy woman who's not afraid to embrace her own appetites."


BAY AREA BACKSTAGE - Review by Chad Jones 

"Claire as sexy as she is smart and funny"



Claire Warden in "Romeo and Juliet"
Romeo and Juliet

Elm Shakespeare, CT

NEW HAVEN REGISTER - Review by E.Kyle Minor

"Claire Warden's Tybalt. Yes, Massie has cast a female as the most bilious, testosterone-overloaded character, and she earns it. Think Sonny Corleone well-versed in swordplay. When she and Mercutio ... square off to fight to the finish, Warden is riveting...these two warriors prove the best bout since Frazier-Ali in 1971"

YALE NEWS - Review by Zak Rosen

"At the center of this is Tybalt (Claire Warden), a badass, pugnacious woman who can wield a sword as well as any man and isn't afraid to start an argument. But while she keeps the irascibility of the original character, she retains an emotional depth that's palpable in the look of grief she gives the dying Mercutio after she lands the fatal blow, and in the way she holds back when battling Romeo. Her performance illuminated one aspect of the play that I've never seen before: that all the tragedy and despair was less the result of youthful stupidity and more just bad luck." 

NEW HAVEN INDEPENDENT - Review by Joe Markley

"Tybalt is by far the most successful of several parts cast across gender. Claire Warden has the physical presence and athleticism to carry off this fine role, and she speaks with a growl and with the precision appropriate to her strut."

Claire Warden in "Macbeth'

The Humanist Project, NYC

HUFFINGTON POST -  Review by Jed Ryan

Warden plays the iconic role of Lady Macbeth as a fiery force of nature; She's captivating to watch.

CLASSICAL NYC - Review by Emily C. A. Snyder

Claire Warden as Lady Macbeth is the real stand-out. Differentiating her several other characters with ease and an impressive physical prowess, she tackles "Unsex me now (sic)" with the full weight of terror for what she's contemplating, while her relationship with her husband varies beautifully from supportive to furious to smug, making her last denouement into the full realization of what she's wrought that much more poignant.


A WORK UNFINISHING - Review by Zelda Knapp

Warden herself is a powerhouse as Lady Macbeth, terrifying and powerdrunk as she pushes her husband to seize the crown, then heartbreaking as she falls into madness.

Claire Warden in "Macbeth'
Claire Warden in "Outside Mullingar'

Outside Mullingar

Florida Studio Theatre, FL

HERALD TRIBUNE - Review by Jay Handleman

"in the nuanced, tightly wound and wonderfully awkward performances of Claire Warden and Gil Brady, we want them to make the right choice. They are so engaging, even in their obstinacy, that on opening night you could feel the audience almost breathing as one..."


...."a beautiful closing scene between Rosemary and Anthony that draws you in and then twists you in knots"


SARASOTA MAGAZINE - Review by Kay Kipling

"I particularly like FST newcomer Warden’s work here as Rosemary; she’s convincingly full of rough edges that hide her longings until they’re meant to be revealed."


ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT - Review by Marty Fugate

"Warden makes you believe in the mind behind Rosemary’s sad eyes"


Claire Warden in 'Mary Stuart'

Theatreworks, CO. 


COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE - Review by Tracy Mobley-Martinez

"Warden is a richly layered Mary. Stubborn, vulnerable, angry, hopeful and always grounded in the entitlement of her title. On Russell Parkman's brilliantly stark set, she battles the men who hate her, love her and want something from her. In a key scene in which she finally meets her nemesis-savior Elizabeth, Warden navigates the nuanced emotions of such moment with riveting skill."


"Mary — magnificently brought to life by Claire Warden ....Although the play never definitively answers this question, Warden plays Mary with so much gusto that I personally never had a doubt. Where Elizabeth agonizes over every decision, Mary plunges forward with passionate abandon. Where Elizabeth defers to her advisers, Mary knows what she wants and goes after it."

​The SCRIBE - Review by Sara Horton
"Although Mary realizes the gravity of her situation, she still possesses the headstrong nature of a queen, which Warden captures with undaunted intensity."

Claire Warden in "Lost in Yonkers'
Lost In Yonkers

New Harmony Theatre, IN.

EVANSVILLE COURIER - Review by Roger McBain

"Claire Warden was luminous as Bella, whose embracing, transparent emotions are key to everyone else's personal revelations in this play. Warden radiates the dogged devotion, the rapturous confusion and the clear-eyed vision of this open-hearted child-woman."

Claire Warden in 'Engaging Shaw'

Engaging Shaw
The Abingdon Theatre, NYC

NEW YORK TIMES – Review by Ken Jaworowski (Critics Choice)
"Claire Warden, as Charlotte, is an endearing presence, a tender woman with a tough exterior. On the tiny stage at the Abingdon Theater, each gesture is visible, and every sigh is heard. In such close-quarters performance, the actors excel."

WOMANABOUTTOWN.COM– Review by Alix Cohen
"Claire Warden is marvelous. The range of required emotions to which we’re privy is ambitious and completely believable. Her Charlotte is whole. That she exemplifies innate femininity without coquetry is a feat. The portrayal is spirited, empathetic and universal, without for a moment being unspecific…..Her innocent, logical, unemotional request and its reasoning is truly priceless….. Charlotte is a perfectly wonderful concoction of pluck, perseverance, naiveté and an unexpectedly insightful mind.  It’s delightful to see (and hear) these two (Warden and Kelley) wrangle. …The accents….they’re a marvel. Completely different Irish and British inflections create real personalities adding considerably to the credibility of the play."

THEATERMANIA.COM – Review by Sandy MacDonald
"The Abingdon Theatre Company production of John Morogiello's drawing-room comedy Engaging Shaw not only lives up to its title - it's absolutely delightful, thanks to a scintillating script, agile direction and solid performances by an accomplished cast.  It's fun to watch as a proud, resolute woman like Charlotte - whom Warden also makes quite adorable - gradually turns as petulant as a teenager when her ardor is not reciprocated. Who could ever have imagined that a battle of wits between two professed asexuals could be so juicy -- and so funny?"

BACKSTAGE – Review by Mark Peikert
"As Shaw and Townsend, Warren Kelley and Claire Warden manage to make their characters' lofty conversations seem natural and spontaneous, no small feat given the high intellect of the real people they're portraying. .. the battle of wits between the cerebral Shaw and the determined Townshend is an entertaining and witty one."

"Ms. Warden as Charlotte…has a lovely presence on stage. This new production by the Abingdon Theatre is engaging and charming, well acted with a dose of Shavian humor thrown in and good craftsmanship displayed."

THE L MAGAZINE – Review by Dan Callahan
"Kelley strides about purposefully, and Warden watches him carefully, her eyes glimmering with skepticism, bemusement, and attraction. {An} outstanding, excitingly acted play."

NYTHEATRE.COM – Review by Heather J. Violanti
"The ensemble ably bring their roles to life….. Claire Warden is a beguiling Charlotte."

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